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NOTE: We are in the process of reworking parts of our elite team after this process is complete we'll review applicants and announce our 2018 team!

Crow Athletics running club was founded in 1991 with the goal of establishing both a fun and a competitive running club. Now in our 25th year we have grown steadily to include members nationwide, all across Canada and in several countries abroad. As our Crow Athletics footprint continues to spread we are thrilled take the first steps to growing and rewarding the elite component of our running club!

Elite Team Membership

Crow Athletics Elite Team Membership is open to all runners that meet the minimum time standards outlined below, reflecting several common distances. Race results must be scored on a USATF certified course (or equivalent) and recorded during the past calendar year beginning on January 1, 2015.

Runners that meet or exceed these standards may complete the Elite Team Membership Application. Please note: Submission of the application does NOT guarantee acceptance.


Congratulations to our Crow Athletics Ladies Open and Men's Masters teams on their respective 4th and 9th finishes at the 2016 Boston Marathon!


Crow Athletics General Membership is open to all runners of all abilities. Click HERE to join.

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Elite Team

Submitted race results must be recorded during the past calendar year beginning on January 1, 2015 and scored on a USATF certified course (or equivalent)


  • 20:51 High School
  • 19:50 Open 18-39
  • 20:45 Masters 40-49
  • 22:21 Senior 50+


  • 43:18 High School
  • 41:11 Open 18-39
  • 43:06 Masters 40-49
  • 46:25 Senior 50+


  • 1:36:32 High School
  • 1:31:50 Open 18-39
  • 1:36:04 Masters 40-49
  • 1:43:29 Senior 50+


  • 3:23:10 High School
  • 3:13:15 Open 18-39
  • 3:22:11 Masters 40-49
  • 3:37:46 Senior 50+

Other distances

Using the McMillan Running Equivalency Calculator, simply enter any the times listed above, from your respective age division, to view the required time standards for other common race distances not shown.

Crow Athletics reserves the right to accept and/or reject applications and to amend the qualification standards.

Elite Team

Submitted race results must be recorded during the past calendar year beginning on January 1, 2015 and scored on a USATF certified course (or equivalent)


  • 17:25 High School
  • 16:32 Open 18-39
  • 17:20 Masters 40-49
  • 18:42 Senior 50+


  • 36:10 High School
  • 34:20 Open 18-39
  • 36:00 Masters 40-49
  • 38:50 Senior 50+


  • 1:20:38 High School
  • 1:16:32 Open 18-39
  • 1:20:15 Masters 40-49
  • 1:26:35 Senior 50+


  • 2:49:42 High School
  • 2:41:05 Open 18-39
  • 2:48:54 Masters 40-49
  • 3:02:13 Senior 50+

Other distances

Using the McMillan Running Equivalency Calculator, simply enter any the times listed above, from your respective age division, to view the required time standards for other common race distances not shown.

Crow Athletics reserves the right to accept and/or reject applications and to amend the qualification standards.

Elite Team Benefits

Member benefits for runners who are accepted to the Crow Athletics Elite Team include:

Elite Team: Future

As we grow this exciting program our goals include locating elite team sponsors to be able to offer:

  • more Elite Team gear
  • time-based bonuses
  •  shoes
  • travel stipends
  • entry fees at major events
  • and much more!
If your company would like to support the vision of our Crow Athletics Elite Team please contact us. Thank you!

Elite Team

If you meet the minimum time standards outlined above you are eligible to apply for Elite Team Membership.

Reminder: Submitted race results must be recorded during the past calendar year beginning on January 1, 2015 and scored on a USATF certified course (or equivalent).

Submission of this application does NOT guarantee acceptance.

Name *
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Date of Birth *
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Are you currently a member of Crow Athletics in good standing? *
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Race distance where you met our elite team standards *
Check all that apply. All marks must be achieved on a USATF (or equivalent) certified route during the last calendar year starting on Jan 1, 2015
Please include the race name(s), your finish time(s), the year and a link to official results.
Please list the course certification number(s) for the event(s) where you achieved our elite team standard(s).
Please list a qualifying mark not shown using the McMillan pace calculator HERE. (i.e. 5 or 10 Miles etc) please list, race name, time date and link to results
Not required, but encouraged
Should you be accepted as an elite team member this is the bio will use. We'll email you for your profile picture.

Submission of this application does NOT guarantee acceptance.

Crow Athletics reserves the right to accept and/or reject applications
and to amend the qualification standards.

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To the founding members of our elite team:
Thank you for believing in our work and for all you do to make running better! It is our intention and our sincerest hope that you will help us blaze a path for future generations of runners, while providing a shining example of excellence and reward to help further motivate and inspire all those who follow in your footsteps. We look forward to soaring with you on and off the roads & trails! CAW! 


Patrick Caron • 19
Needham, MA


Patrick Caron is a 19-year old trail and ultrarunner hailing from the New England area. With an extreme love for running and competing at an early age, he has had numerous trail and road race wins over the years, including the Salomon Trail Running Festival 50-Miler at Pineland Farms where he ran the 20th fastest 50-mile time in 2016, and the Ghost Train Trail Races 100 Miler where he set a new course record, running the 9th fastest 100-mile time in 2016, and the fastest ever for a 19-year old. Patrick also has several other course records to his name, including the Goat Hill 50K in Uxbridge, MA, the Big A 50K in York, ME, the G.A.C. Mother’s Day Six Hour in Topsfield, MA, the TARC Fall Classic 50 Miler, and the TARCkey Trot 6-Hour. Among his notable running achievements is also the fact that he is recognized by both SRI and USRSA on the “Official Active Running Streak List” for running a mile or more everyday, since 2011 (eventually, he hopes to reach the coveted #1 spot on the list). For the past couple years, running has been a major focus of Patrick’s life, and much of his time is spent training, hour after hour, day after day, in the quest to achieve his utmost goals. Patrick’s enthusiasm for the sport extends beyond himself to others, with his work as a running specialist at Marathon Sports, his dedicated coaching for the renowned Boston Bulldogs Running Club, a new non-profit he helped launch to support those affected and in recovery from addiction, and his hometown fundraising initiatives to create the Bay Colony Rail Trail, a walking, running, and biking path open to all. Patrick is also an avid hiker and mountaineer, having summited many peaks across New England as well as Mount Rainier in the state of Washington.

For more information on Patrick and his ongoing adventures, check out his personal website patrickcaron.com

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Leah Frost • 32
Glover, VT

Leah Frost

Leah currently resides in Glover, Vermont in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom, where she works as an advocate for migrant farm workers and is involved with the gloriously obscure Museum of Everyday Life on route 16. A runner from a very early age, she tried racing a little here and there, but didn’t discover her love of competitive running until the ripe age of 30, when she took up the sport while feeling lonesome living in Mexico.  The community of runners and companionship was a welcome gift.

Just a few short years later with 11 marathons (PR of 2:42:52 and Olympic Trials Qualifying time) and many other individual, team and relay road and trail races under her belt, she is still passionate about racing for the camaraderie of training and racing with friends. From her very first Crow race in 2012, Leah knew she had found a family in Crow. She continues to compete in all the Crow events she can because they are so much fun. Leah also coaches cross country running on the high school level. As with Crow, the team and the remarkable individuals of which it is comprised- all hard-working, fun-loving, tough, supportive, kind and generous- continuously provide resounding affirmation for her lofty ideals and warm fuzzy feelings about the sport. Leah is honored, excited and proud to be among the first members of Crow’s elite team. Also, she and her partner will be moving back to Maine in December and will be seeking running buddies and coaching opportunities as well as gainful employment and housing!

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Tracy Guerrette • 35
Saint Agatha, ME

Tracy Guerrette

I’m a 35 year old newbie to the world of running, but competition and sport have always been a part of my life.  I was blessed to have played Division One basketball for the University of Maine, and after graduation needed an another competitive outlet to pursue.

I ran my first marathon in 2002 (Maine Marathon) on a whim to support my brother in his pursuits; it was a long 4:20:15 finish, but I loved the experience and began running more and more, entering local races along the way.  

However, it was note until I decided to run the Mount Desert Island Marathon in 2014, that I became inspired to pursuit running more seriously.  Not only was it a beautiful course, great atmosphere, and a thrilling occasion.  I realized mid-run that I could potentially qualify for the Boston Marathon, which I did finishing in 3:17:43.  Since that time, my passion for the sport of running and the marathon distance has grown! I’ve competed in several races since including the Maine Coast Marathon, University of Maine Black Bear Marathon, the Hartford Marathon, and most recently the 2016 Boston Marathon (PR 2:58:00).

Having coached collegiate women’s basketball for the past ten years, I am currently the Director of Faith Formation at St. Paul the Apostle Parish in Bangor, ME.  My Catholic faith is the most important aspect of my life and I thank God for the gift of running. My time out on the road is my time spent with the Lord: “When I run, I feel His pleasure.” (quote from the Chariots of Fire)  I am thankful to have been given the platform of athletics so to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Finally, I am truly grateful for having been a part of the Crow Family this past year throughout all of the many races, adventures, and most recently on the Boston Team. I love to compete and desire to excel at this sport; however, more than that, I enjoy the many friendships, the encouragement and support between teammates, the camaraderie, and the passion of running shared between all in the running community.  It is truly an honor to be a member of the Crow Elite team!

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Lisa Kingsbury • 57
Hampden, ME


I own a small horse farm where I teach horseback riding. Many of my students show competitively. I have taken my students all over New England and Florida to compete. I also completed nationally all over the US and Canada. Now I find that running fills my need to compete.

I took up running at age 50. I signed up for a local 5k. I was ecstatic when I finished. So I tried another and another. Pretty soon it was a 10k ,then on to the half marathon,which is my favorite. I even ran my first marathon last fall,the new York city marathon. I qualified for Boston at that race.

Through all this running fun,I have discovered that it's more than racing,its all the great folks I get to meet and share the love of running with. I am excited to be part of this team!

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Karen Marlin • 50
Dartmouth, NS

Karen Marlin

I am a 50 year old , married , mother to two daughters, living in Dartmouth, NS Canada.  I started running in the late 80'sand in no time was traveling around my lovely province participating in many road races.   Surprisingly, at the time my siblings and parents thought I was crazy traveling and actually paying money to run in these races.  By the mid 90's most of my family had joined me in this pursuit, including my brother Dave Nevitt.  In my 40's I had some successful races but later began to slow down. After a visit to the doctor, I found out I was anemic but slowly bounced back with high doses of iron.

I've done 18 marathons to date, in Canada and the United States, including the scenic Mount Desert Island (4 times), Boston (my PB at 3:36:00), Ottawa (second best at 3:36:12) and of course the Bluenose in Halifax. I enjoy running all distances but the 1/2 marathon is my favourite.

My brother Dave introduced me to Crow Athletics a few years back,  and I am hooked for life.  At most races I get a CAW from behind (just as they run past me), but, fit at 50 and having an inspiring brother/running buddy/"coach", named Dave, I plan to excel in this elite field.

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Sarah Mulcahy • 30
Princeton, ME

Sarah Mulcahy

I am a 30-year-old mother, wife, teacher, and runner with a strong belief in God and my Catholic faith. My family is my number one priority and running is now my "me time." I began running when I was in college, but did not start competing until 2009. That's when I found I had a talent for the sport and I truly began to love the sport even more. I ran my first marathon in 2012 (Sugarloaf) and quickly found that to be my favorite distance. I won the Inaugural Bay of Fundy International Marathon in 2013, which also qualified me for Boston 2014. I ran the Boston Marathon in 2014 with no time goals as I was 6 months pregnant. It was a blast! Shortly after having Olivia on July 2nd, 2014, I ran MDI in October 2014 and came in 3rd, with a 12 minute PR! I chipped away at the time and ran my fastest marathon on the hilly Bay of Fundy Marathon course yet again in 2015, with a 2:59:18.

I have run numerous other races, many of them Crow Athletics races: GCI 50K in 2013, MDI in 2012 and 2014, DEST Relay in 2014, and the first ever Millinocket Marathon in December 2015.

Running is more than just a sport. It's more than just hours of miles, training, speed work, and races. It's a community. It's full of life-long friendships, many of which I have met through Crow Athletics. We relate to one another, we encourage one another, we help each other through life's struggles, and we support each other. Since I run 99% of my runs by myself, I fully appreciate the friendships I have made through running and look forward to the times I do get to run with others. I truly am blessed with a supportive family and wonderful friends (MANY Crows) who encourage me every day in my personal running goals.

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Dave Nevitt • 57
Dartmouth, NS


I live in Dartmouth Nova Scotia with my wife Terry and enjoy my retirement from a 32 year career with Nova Scotia Power. I started running in 1990 and was hooked after my first race, the Dartmouth Natal Day 2 Miler. Since then I've run nearly 800 races, including 142 marathons and 11 ultra marathons.

I discovered Crow Athletics in 2007 when I entered the 50 Miler at the 1st Great Cranberry Island Ultra. I enjoyed it so much that I returned in October for the Mount Desert Island Marathon. Crow Athletics has been a fantastic club for me and I keep returning to Maine every year to compete in Crow events and to the Boston Marathon to compete on the Crow Team.

Besides running in races, I enjoy giving back to the local running community. I'm the Race Director for the Dartmouth Natal Day Road Races, my 1st ever race and the second oldest running event in Canada. I'm also a long time board member with Run Nova Scotia and was made a life member in 2012. My goals are to stay healthy and continue being competitive as an age group runner.

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Brendan O'Keefe • 34
Seal Cove, ME

Brendan O'keefe

Brendan grew up in a cabin in downeast Maine. He spent his childhood exploring the woods with his brother and running up and down their long dirt driveway. In 5th grade he joined the XC team and never looked back. He won 9 State championships for Sumner High School and was an Academic All-American at Brown University. After school he joined Zap Fitness, an Olympic Training Center in North Carolina, where he traveled the world as a professional athlete. He qualified for three USATF National Championships and competed in the 2008 Olympic Trials at 1500 meters. Brendan now lives and trains in Mount Desert Island with the hopes of becoming a nationally competitive trail runner and marathoner.

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Jennifer VanDongen • 38
Bar Harbor, ME

Jennifer VanDongen

I am a long time runner, coach, and mom of three girls. I ran XC and track throughout high school and then competed in Division One track & field for the Univ. of South Carolina as a jumper/heptathlete. A few years out of college, I got the itch to compete again and I started road & trail racing, beginning with a 5k and working up through the longer distances. My first marathon was the MDI Marathon 2004 (3:28), followed by the 2005 Boston Marathon (3:11). I've since won the PEI Marathon (3:11), Green Mt. Marathon (3:03), and the 2014 Sugarloaf Marathon (PR 2:58). and ran the 2015 Boston Marathon in 3:05. In addition to road racing, I race snowshoes and trail. I competed in the 2014 US Snowshoe 10K Championships and placed 12th overall and a earned a silver medal in my age group. I also won the Maine State Snowshoe 10K Championship for the past 2yrs.
Running is my escape, to clear my mind, and to show my young daughters that girls can be strong and run through the mud right alongside the boys. I usually run alone and on the trails around Acadia, squeezing in a run wherever I can, but I prefer logging long runs with friends and good conversation. I love the feeling of being on a team again! I look forward to a mix of roads, dirt, and snow and competing with my fellow Crow teammates in the Great Run, DEST Relay, 4th of July Relay and many other races throughout the year.

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david Wilson • 26
BrooKline, Ma & GBR

David Wilson

My first running memories are of going up and down the main road on Cranberry Island, where I've spent summers all my life, and of trying to keep up with Gary Allen over the hills of Acadia National Park. After first developing an obsession with the sport at Park School and at Brookline High School in Massachusetts, I went on to run for the University of Virginia where I had more injuries than good races. This unspectacular career had the benefit of leaving me with plenty of goals left to chase after college, and I continue to race whenever I can on the road, track and cross-country course. One of these days I shall succumb to peer pressure and start running marathons.

I am a dedicated Crow Athletics member, having worn the singlet for years and run in many an Around MDI Relay, and am honoured to be part of the Crow Elite team. This club has always represented the very best of distance running, combining a tough-as-nails competitive attitude with a healthy inability to take itself too seriously: long may it continue!

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Angize Zinkus • 39
Memphis, TN

Angie Zinkus

I am a 39 year old Veterinarian from Memphis, Tennessee who started running at age 20 after playing competitive soccer for many years.  My first marathon was in 1997 the day after I turned 21 (my entire training was done on a treadmill!).  Throughout my 20’s and into my 30’s I was working through Veterinary school and my outlet was going on long runs to clear my head.  I did not race a marathon again until 2011 when my good friend and running buddy Jennie encouraged me to race the St. Jude Marathon in Memphis. I had no idea what kind of time to expect and started way back in the corrals.  I ended up running a 3:08 (I was completely and utterly shocked).  Since this race I have done multiple other marathons and 50K races.

I won the St. Jude Memphis marathon in 2012 (2:55:41).  In 2013 I experienced my first Boston Marathon and was 96th in overall women (2:57:31).  Needless to say, this was probably one of the most memorable experiences of my life for obvious reasons.  I came back to Boston in 2014 determined with others to “take back the finish line” and got my PR (2:55:02) and was 83rd female overall.  My recent races in 2015 have included the Little Rock Marathon (2:59:59) and being a 3:10 pacer for the St. Jude Memphis Marathon. 

I was fortunate enough in 2013 to be part of the final Great Cranberry Island 50K where I first introduced to Crow Athletics.  While the PRs, medals, and awards are all great, nothing can compare to the friendships I have made being a Crow.  I am constantly inspired by my teammates and it is their inspiration that makes me want to be a better runner and person.  To me the spirit of Crow Athletics is best summed in the following quote by Bill Bowerman who said “The real purpose of running isn’t to win a race, it’s to test the limits of the human heart.”  I am honored to be a member of the elite team!

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