July 4th Relay

The 100-kilometer route circles world famous Mount Desert Island (MDI) and runs through every town and village, including many scenic seaside areas framed by the beauty of Acadia National Park.



How many people are allowed on a single team?

Teams may range from 2 - 9 runners.


Do teams need to declare which runner will be competing in each leg?

Yes. Please submit your Team Roster (found in your Race Handbook) when you check-in on race morning.


How is the relay timed?

All teams are responsible for printing and bringing the Team Timing Sheet (found in your Race Handbook) with them to race check-in.

During the race it is the responsibility of each team to record their team member’s:

  1. Names

  2. Leg splits

  3. Total team time

Leg splits should be recorded to the nearest second (0:00:00) in order to provide fair and accurate results. Teams that do not follow this rule will have a 59-second time penalty added to each offending leg time.

We recommend that team captain’s use a stopwatch app on their smart phone to record each leg as a lap.

Completed Team timing Sheets must be PROMPTLY turned in to race officials at the finish.



How is are the overall results scored?

Final Results will be figured by total elapsed team time and not by overall team finish place. In other words a team might be the 3rd overall team across the finish line but they could win by having recorded a faster elapsed time over the route.

  • DO NOT manually try to add up your total team time. This takes a lot of brainpower and time, which will delay the finish line festivities.

  • Your total team time should be recorded to the nearest second (0:00:00) in order to provide fair and accurate results.

  • If your team fails to submit an overall finish time with leg splits your team not be scored.



Are team members allowed to complete back to back legs?

Yes! NEW FOR 2018: Legs may be run consecutively!



Is there a relay baton?

Yes! Relay batons will be provided. (We call her Barbie, and they are yours to keep once the event has concluded.)



Can our team continue if one of our runners is unable to finish their leg?

Teams may not sub-divide an individual relay leg to be completed by more than one runner. If a runner is unable to finish their leg the team should indicate this on their timing sheet, and move on to the next leg hand-off, and continue the relay.

  • Time penalties will be applied as follows:

    • Failure to start a leg: The leg’s slowest timed runner, plus 10-minutes.

    • Failure to finish a leg: The leg’s slowest timed runner, plus 5-minutes.



What if our team sees a another team cheating? (i.e., accepting a ride or not completing the entire course)

Please report any teams seen cheating to race officials. (Note the bib number of the team in question.) We take this very seriously and any teams found to have not completed the entire course on foot will be disqualified.



Are there any other grounds for disqualification?

Yes. If any member of any team is seen or reported to be consuming alcoholic beverages during the run the entire team will be disqualified immediately. (Please wait until the finish line barbecue!)



May I run with headphones?

You may use headphones if you must, but please keep the volume turned down low, or only use one ear bud as the relay is run on open roads with heavy July Fourth traffic.

Our race staff firmly believes that running with headphones under any circumstance is extremely dangerous.

Course FAQs


Is the course marked?

The course will be marked with painted J4 (July 4th), and arrows at major or difficult intersections. If no arrow is present keep going straight.

Legs 2-4 follow the MDI Marathon route for 26.2 miles, follow the yellow arrows with MDI painted under them.



Where are the handoff zones?

Please see the Race Handbook.

Handoff zones are marked with paint in the road, and with orange & white reflective signs, with corresponding leg numbers.



Is the course scenic?

Yes, very! Our event is held on world-famous Mount Desert Island, home to Acadia National Park, and the scenery is spectacular!



Registration FAQs


When does registration open and close?

2018 registration is OPEN! Click HERE to sign up today!

I am the Team Captain. How do I register? Team Captains will register their Team by choosing a Team Name, Team Password, and paying their individual entry fee. This step secures your team's spot in our limited field.

I am a Team Member. How do I register to run with my team? Once the Captain has registered, the remaining team members will register to run by choosing "Join an Existing Team" and selecting their Team Name from the drop-down menu on the registration page, and then entering the Team Password. They will then enter their personal information and pay their individual entry fee. (Please contact your Team Captain if you do not know your Team Password.)

Registration deadline: Registration is limited and may close without notice. We recommend signing up in advance if you are planning to participate.



How much does it cost to register?

The cost per runner is $9.00



What is included in the registration fee?

  • Race entry!

  • Complimentary Atlantic Brewing Company beverage. (Optional cash barbecue.)

  • An unforgettable July Fourth experience!



Can registered team members transfer their entry to someone else if they are not able to run?

Yes. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Click HERE to visit the ZippyReg confirmation page.

  2. Enter your confirmation code, which is included in the confirmation email you received at the time of registration. If you do not know your confirmation code, select contact at the top of the page, or email info [at] zippyreg.com

  3. You will be directed to your personal Registration Confirmation Page. Select 'Change Your Race'.

  4. Please read and follow the online instructions carefully.

Online transfers will be permitted until June 10th.




Where does the July Fourth Around MDI Relay Start?

Mainely Meat Barbecue
369 State Route 3
Bar Harbor, ME 04609

(Located directly across the road from Pirate’s Cove Mini-Golf. There is a second Maine-ly Meat location on the Knox Road in Town Hill, the race does not start there!)



Where and when should my team check-in on race morning?

All teams must be checked in 30 minutes before their assigned start time at Mainely Meat Barbecue.

Teams that fail to show up 30 minutes before their assigned start will be disqualified



What time does our team start?

The race will contact all team captains with your assigned start times based on the anticipated average pace information submitted at the time of registration.

IMPORTANT: All team members must accurately estimate their anticipated average 10K pace per mile** at time of registration. DO NOT submit inaccurate data! This data will be used to determine your team's official start time. We will use this information so that all teams finish near each other in order to fully enjoy our post race celebration. If you include incorrect data your team could miss out entirely or arrive before the finish line hospitality area is set-up. (Note: If you are running on a team with fewer than 9 runners, we suggest adjusting your expected pace slightly slower.)

**This means that if you run a 1-hour (1:00) 10K, your Pace Per Mile is 9 minutes and 39 seconds (9:39) per mile.



Roughly at what time(s) will the various starts be staged?

Race officials anticipate the various start times to range from approximately 6:30AM until 8:30AM on race day. We are doing this so that all teams finish near each other and so all can attend our post race celebration. (i.e., Slower teams will take longer to cover the distance, while faster teams will arrive at the finish line in less total hours.)



What kind of course support is there?

Teams must be 100% self-supported. This means your support vehicle should be well stocked with everything your team may need during the run.



How will the order of finish work?

Final team results will be based on the total time (start to finish) recorded for each team and not necessarily in the order of finish. (i.e., Teams finishing 1st could have a slower total elapsed time than a team that finishes in 10th place.)



What else do I need to know about the start /finish location?

Teams will be limited to two support vehicles and are encouraged to carpool to the relay.  

Parking is extremely limited at Mainely Meat. When facing the building, please park to the far RIGHT side of the parking lot, near the tree line (towards Bar Harbor). Vehicles should pull in straight, vs. parking parallel.

#MDIRELAY • July 4, 2018

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