Welcome to the MyAthlete® New Event Experience. 


Note that the Athletes will only appear on the map and list on the web site once they turn their MyAthlete® Shadows on at the race. 

MyAthlete® is for entertainment purposes only. 

Please read the instructions  and then click below  to go to our new Event site. 

  • You must have Adobe Flash installed.
  • Maximize your browser to FULL SCREEN for best viewing. Generally hitting the F11 key does this.
  • After the event site loads and all the Athletes are listed on the right:
    • Click the EYE icon to see the Athlete on the map.
    • Click the STOPWATCH icon to see the statistics of the Athlete.
    • Click the BULLSEYE icon to center the map on the Athlete.
    • Use the drop down box to select an Athlete category to view.
    • Click 'Show Category' or 'Hide Category' to select or unselect all Athletes in that category to view.
  • Zoom in and out on the Top View Map by moving the mouse towards the top center of the map and clicking + and -
  • Zoom in and out on the Profile Map by moving the mouse towards the top center of the profile area and clicking + and -
  • Drag the Map or Profile by pressing and holding the left mouse button and dragging the map.
  • CELLULAR COVERAGE - MyAthlete is based on cellular technology just like your phone to get the live data out. If the Athlete enters an area with no Cellular coverage they will not show live data.

Enjoy your Athlete's Journey!