"Don't Run Millinocket for what you get;
Run Millinocket for what you give!"

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2019 Sea To Summit Maine Race Series!

The Millinocket Marathon & Half has again joined forces with the Mount Desert Island Marathon, Half & Relay to create the Sea to Summit Maine Race Series, featuring two amazing events and a very special finishers medallion!
When you register for MDI and select 'Sea To Summit' you are automatically signed up for Millinocket and race series! Click HERE to learn more.

Event Overview

This FREE event was started in 2015 to help a struggling Maine mill town that has been devastated by the closing of their major employer. Runner's World Magazine picked up the story shortly after our first edition and the rest is.... as they say, history!

The only requirement for runners is that they generously support local businesses and contribute to the Katahdin region in some way.

Participants are strongly encouraged to make lodging plans now as many properties fill to capacity very quickly. (see lodging links below) There are many nearby towns and Bangor Maine is just over an hour away.

In the spirit of leaving more than our footprints in Millinocket and in the Katahdin region we have also set up fundraisers in support of two important local non-profit organizations including:


  • Our Katahdin - HERE

  • Millinocket Memorial Library - HERE

Please contribute generously.
Thank You
VERY Much!


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2019 Race Happenings

(scroll down to see all the amazing things that are happening and make plans NOW to attend!
NOTE: '2019 Race Happenings' will be added as they are developed. There could be a few older events showing.


    FREE bus transportation TO and FROM town hotels, bib pickup (located at Stearns High School) and the start finish area (located on Penonscot Ave) from 8:00am to 4:30pm.
    Thanks to Bragdon Bus service there will be FREE bus service with tipping highly encouraged. Remember this race is FREE and in order to keep services like this going please chip in.
    Buses will run from town motels to the bib pick-up, then to the start/finish area. Buses will run on a continuous loop, starting at 8:00am and ending at 4:30pm. The bus drop/pickup location is on Aroostook Ave near the start/finish area.
    Bib Pickup:
    Stearns High School, 199 State St, Millinocket, ME 04462
    Start/Finish: Veterans Park, 33 Penobscot Ave, Millinocket ME, 04462

 (please use these provided buses and DO NOT attempt to park near the race start. Using these buses will allow us to grow our event and show appreciation to this generous community for making them available. Keep in mind the race is FREE!

Bib Number Pickup & Artisan Fair; December 6 & 7, 2019. Stearns High School, 199 State St, Millinocket, Maine 04462

  • Friday, Dec 6th - from 12 noon to 8:00pm

  • Saturday, Dec 7th - (RACE DAY) from 7:30am to 4:00pm (come shop for after race goodies!)

As we all know this event was created solely to help the town & people of Millinocket, and the entire Katahdin region. It was never our intention for the town or region to have to do anything for us... Well, as we also know it's not how real Mainer's roll and the entire region is both excited and energized! With that said, there are many, many dinners, activities and other things planned. PLEASE please patronize all of these events: (Note: keep checking here for more updates and additions to race weekend!)

  • Dec 6, 2019 - Spaghetti OR Pancake Dinner; 4:00 - 7:00pm - American Legion Riders Post #80, 970 Central Street, Millinocket, Maine 04462 : Details HERE Tickets HERE

  • Dec 6, 2019 - Parade of Lights; 6:00pm to 7:00pm - Start/Finish Line Log Trucks, 33 Penobscot Ave, Millinocket Maine 04462 (holiday theme w/lights encouraged!)

  • Dec 6, 2019 - Fourth Annual HWYRT Crankle 2K; 7:00pm to 8:00pm - Blue Ox Saloon, 61 Penobscot Ave, Millinocket Maine 04462
    (note: This year there is NO ENTRY FEE to the Crankle. However, HWYRT strongly encourages you to spend just a bit more money during your stay in Millinocket.)
    Details HERE & Sign up HERE.

  • Dec 6 & 7, 2019 - Bib number pickup & Artisan Fair;
    Friday, Dec 6th - 12 noon to 8:00pm


  • Saturday, Dec 7th - (RACE DAY) 7:30am to 4:00pm - Stearns High School, 199 State St, Millinocket, Maine 04462 - HERE


  • Dec 6, 2019 - Dance/Concert featuring the Bronson Arroyo Band! Show at 8:00pm, rocks until 10:00pm!!!
    - Elks Club, 213 Aroostook Ave, Millinocket Maine 04462. Advance tickets are highly recommended. (this event WILL sell out!)
    PLUS Yummy food and drinks
    for purchase!
    ’ Get Ready to RUN by shaking everything the night before!!’
    More info
    HERE Tickets HERE

  • Dec 6 & 7, 2019 - Live Music, Before & After Party;
    Highlands Tavern at Pamola Motor Lodge, 973 Central Street, Millinocket, Maine 0446

  • Dec 7, 2019 - Ugly Sweater Party - New England Outdoor Center NEOC;
    7:00pm -10:00pm - River Drivers Restaurant, 30 Twin Pines Road, Millinocket, Maine 04462

    2018 EVENTS BELOW (keep checking for updates)

  • >>>TBA - Dec 8, 2018 - Marathon Breakfast; 6:00am to 11:00am - Northern Timber Cruisers, Millinocket Lake Road, Millinocket Maine 04462. (note: this venue is located on the race route!) - HERE

  • >>>TBA - Dec 7, 2018 - The Millinocket Marathon & Half Variety Show; 6:30pm - Walker Auditorium at Stearns High School, 199 State St, Millinocket, Maine 04462
    Details: Come and enjoy a night of music and dance before the big race! This promises to be an event for all ages!! Donations are Welcome! All proceeds benefit the Millinocket Performing Arts Boosters

  • >>>TBA - Dec 7, 2018 - So This Is Fitness LIVE Podcast;
    5PM - During Bib Number pickup at Stearns High School, 199 State St, Millinocket, Maine Millinocket, Maine 04462


  •  Wait!!!!!
    Just dOWNLOAD the
    FREE APP FROM DiscoverKatahdin.com to know what, when & where things are happening IN MILLINOCKET!!!!

(click on the marathon & half tab)


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Race Details

WATER STOPS: Typically these are runner driven, pop-up affairs. If you require fluids on a super rigid schedule we recommend carrying what you need, otherwise use what’s offered or even better organize a water stop with your friends!


RACE DATE: Saturday December 8th, 2018

START TIME:  FULL Marathon 10:00AM - HALF 10:10AM

(Note: Registration may close without notice)

START LOCATION:  33 Penobscot Ave, Millinocket ME, 04462









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  • As of the 2nd edition in 2016 our race course became USATF certified, making it a Boston, NYC and Chicago Marathon qualifier.
    USATF Course Certifications.
    Half - ME16008JK
    Full - ME16007JK

  • The course is two loop circuit, half marathon is one loop, full marathon is two.

  • The race will be timed and there will be offical results. (all donated services!)

  • Participants should NOT attend our event with the typical race mindset, 'how many perks will I receive?' instead please come run and support this town (remember nobody paid an entry fee!)

  • The event won't be supplying race shirts but the Moose Drop In has created many wonderful designs. Many other local businesses feature unique, fun and locally crafted race bling. #ShopMillinocket

  • There is a pasta dinner, a craft fair/expo, bib pick up as well as an epic Saturday after party and a whole lot more in the works! This is definitely not a just run and leave event. Make plans now to come for the night or the weekend or forever works fine too!


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 Q and A:

Q. What responsibilities do I have after I sign up, especially because the race is free?
A. First off please don't register unless you are somewhat serious about coming in the first place. Although our race is FREE we still prepare bib numbers and accrue expense to prepare for you. We totally understand that life happens, but if you can't come don't just NOT show up, its very important to cancel your registration if you can't come so we don't spend money preparing for you.

Q. How is Millinocket different than other races? 
A. Our race is free but it's certainly NOT a free for all. We still put on a highly organized race with one requirement, don't run Millinocket for what you get, run Millinocket for what you give. Please spend money, be generous and kind.

Q. I can't remember if I signed up?
A. Because our race is FREE you'd be surprised how many people sign up twice because they can't remember if they registered or not. Don't do this. Click HERE to check if you are registered if you aren't sure.

Q. Is the course USATF certified and a Boston, NYC, Chicago Qualifier?
A.  Here are our USATF Course Certifications valid thru 2026.

Q. How can I change races? (from the full to the half or vice versa) OR update my personal registration information?
A. Please save the confirmation email your received at the time of registration (check those spam folders first, if you don't see it) and follow the direct link to your registration found there. You may also enter your confirmation code HERE or click the red 'help me retrieve the code' button.

Q. When do you need to know if I'd like to cancel my entry or switch races?
A. We need to have all cancellations race switches complete by November 8th. Remember our race is FREE but not a free for all. Please give us time to plan.  To cancel your entry, please enter the code found in the confirmation email you received when you signed up HERE or click the red 'help me retrieve the code' button.

Q. Will it be cold? 
A. It very well could be frigid, this is Northern Maine in the winter! (2015 was quite mild, 2016 was very cold and 2017 was perfect!)

Q. Are there water stops?
A. Remember the race is FREE but in all of our previous editions a number of unofficial water stops popped up! Our best advice is to plan to be self sufficient and you'll be thrilled with any support you receive.

Q. Is there an early start?
A. There is NOT an early start option, if you require more than approx 5.5 hours to finish please plan for darkness by wearing reflective gear and a headlamp.

Q. Are there course time limits?
A. All are welcome to participate regardless of ability.

Q. Can I organize something on the course such as music, fluids or other support?
A. Absolutely,  just show up and do it, just be sure to leave no trace.

Q. Can I sell things? 
A. No. The race was created to help the struggling Katahdin region so unless you are a Millinocket area group, business or resident you may not sell things.

Q. Is there a plan for inclement weather?
A. Our race will happen rain, snow or shine. However, if the weather is deemed to be dangerous we reserve the right to shorten or adjust as might be necessary.  (FYI the 2016 edition featured single digit temps and below zero wind chills and we ran!)

Q. What should I know about the course?
A. The first approx 6 miles after your exit town are run on a good gravel road. The next approx 6 miles are run on pavement. Runners should run on the left facing traffic on this paved section.

Q. After the race starts can spectators follow along in vehicles on Golden Road?
A. Please don't. This road is filled to capacity with runners. We need to keep Golden Road as clear of spectator traffic as possible to allow for emergency or offical vehicles only. Instead we recommend that spectators drive out the course on Lake Road (heading toward Baxter State Park) and cheer on runners as they exit Golden Road at Huber Road.

Q. Where exactly is Millinocket?
A. It's located about 1.5 hours north of Bangor ME.

Q. Why should I stay on Saturday night after the race?
A. Not staying is missing a huge part of the race.  Stay and have the most fun everrrr, then enjoy a leisurely Sunday drive home. 

Q. Will I see a Moose?
A. Very likely!

Q. Is the course hilly?
A. If you are from Maine nope, if you are from Kansas, we're thinking maybe so!

Q. Is it pretty there?
A. It is absolutely stunningly beautiful and gorgeous!

If you have additional questions please contact us but mostly stop asking so many questions and just come have fun!!


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Race Maps

Interactive Map

Click HERE to explore this very cool map created by Millinocket runner Hope Rowan!


Course Map

Course map provided by The Nature Conservancy. Click to enlarge.


Town Map

Town map provided by The Nature Conservancy. Click to enlarge.


Results & Awards

2018 - marathon/half

2017 - marathon/half 

2016 - marathon/half

2015 - marathon/half



  • 2018 Derrick Hamel, Newmarket NH - 2:40:25

  • 2017 Sarah Mulcahy, Princeton Maine - 2:56:05

Half - Marathon

  • 2018 Bartholomew Rust, Crotan on Hudson NY - 1:13:18

  • 2017 Ali Chase, Orono Maine - 1:25:01


MEDALS! The ONLY way you will get a medal when you finish is by pre-ordering them. (duh! the race is FREE!) The design is handmade by people who live and work in Millinocket. Click HERE to order.


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2017 Race Press

Millinocket Marathon: A race where runners pay their own way
MaineBiz • December 11, 2017

Marathon draws racers, money to rebounding mill town
Bangor Daily NewsDecember 10, 2017

Millinocket Marathon & Half Draws More than 1000 Runners to Katahdin Region
Maine Public • December 10, 2017

On The Run — Getting into the spirit of the holidays
Conway Daily Sun • December 8, 2017

3rd Annual Millinocket Marathon and Half happens this weekend
Fox22 WFVX Bangor • December 8, 2017

Millinocket Marathon Boosts Economy and Charities
WABI TV 5 Bangor • December 8, 2017

Marathon pumps life into Maine region wracked by mill closures
Bangor Daily News • December 5, 2017

Millinocket Marathon Coming up Saturday
WABI TV 5 Bangor • December 5, 2017

MDI runners head to Millinocket race
Mount Desert Islander • November 22, 2017

2017 '2 Those Who Care' Award Winner Gary Allen
Wlbz2 Bangor • October 9, 2017

Millinocket Marathon and Half has 1,500 registrants 11 months before race
Bangor Daily News • January 17, 2017


2016 Race Press

The Warmest Winter Race
Competitor Magazine • April 2017

Marathon Man
Downeast Magazine • December 2016

Runners Give Tiny Millinocket, Maine, A Boost And Warm The Hearts Of Community
Hartford Courant • December 17, 2016

I won the Millinocket Marathon, but that wasn’t the goal 
Bangor Daily News • December 13, 2016

A photo story reflection on running the Millinocket Marathon and Half
Bangor Daily News • December 13, 2016

Sports can often galvanize a community in extraordinary ways
Bangor Daily News • December 12, 2016

The Magic of Millinocket: Runners Get Warm Welcome on Cold Maine Weekend
Competitor Running • December 12, 2016

More Than 500 Finish Inaugural Millinocket Marathon and Half
Maine Public • December 11, 2016

An icicle hanging from his chin, first-time winner takes a frigid Millinocket marathon
Bangor Daily News • December 10, 2016

Millinocket welcomes hundreds of runners for marathon
WCSH 6 Portland • December 10, 2016

This marathon may help Millinocket get its ‘mojo back’
Bangor Daily News • December 9, 2016

Second Wind: Ailing Millinocket Pins Its Hopes on a Free Marathon
Maine Public • December 9, 2016

Millinocket Marathon’s goal: To get Maine mill town back on its feet
Portland Press Herald • December 8, 2016

Millinocket Marathon to make a difference
WCSH 6 Portland • December 5, 2016


2015 Race Press

Organizer says Millinocket race attracted national attention
Bangor Daily News • January 25, 2016

In a Struggling Community, Runners Come to Help 
Runners World December 24, 2015

Marathon event to benefit struggling Katahdin region 
Bangor Daily News • December 8, 2015


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Cancel My Registration

In the unlikely event that you are not able to attend the Millinocket Marathon & Half, please cancel your registration at your earliest convenience-- although the race is free, their are still many costs associated with your entry. Thank you!

>>> To cancel your entry, CLICK HERE. You will need your confirmation code, found in the confirmation email that you were sent when you signed up. If you cannot find your confirmation email, click the red 'help me retrieve the code' button found on up this page.

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Crow Athletics is proud to host the Bridge the Gap Race, the Down East Sunrise Trail Relay, the award-winning Mount Desert Island Marathon, and the FREE Millinocket Marathon & Half.