millinocket marathon & half


The Millinocket Marathon was created solely to help a struggling region of Maine.
In lieu of traditional entry fees our cutting edge event instead encourages our participants to spend money in the Katahdin region and in Millinocket.

In this spirit, our event wishes to further empower any individuals and all businesses by providing the official race artwork at no change or obligation so they can create any and all products they might wish to sell!

Here’s how it works:
If you are a Millinocket or a Katahdin area individual or a business (honor system) please fill out the form below and we’ll send you a hi-res copy of the artwork to use as you wish to create anything you would like to offer for sale to the race participants.

As mentioned, there are no fees or obligations, but if users are so inclined and might like to voluntarily donate a percentage of sales back into the community, please do so — we recommend the Millinocket Memorial Library our Our Katahdin as two very worthy local organizations, but there are many more!

Details: Our logo AND text ‘Millinocket Marathon & Half’ MUST be used together in all projects, as the point of our race logo is to fully represent our event. Sorry, no exceptions.

Important: Artwork will not be provided for use by businesses/individuals outside the Katahdin region.

Thank You!

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