The Great Run

2016 Volunteer Registration is open!
Click HERE to sign up today!

Volunteers should be signed up by June 1 to receive an official Great Run volunteer shirt.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! Volunteers are truly vital for The Great Run to be successful. Great Cranberry Island has fewer than 30 year-round residents, and the majority of the 300+ summer residents will not yet be on island in June.

Volunteers should be ready and willing to tackle whatever needs to be done, and in some cases able to walk the length of the island, 4-miles round trip -- bicycles are permitted and encouraged! You'll need to bring your own. (Please let us know if you are unable to walk that far, we will assign you accordingly.)

Please Note: We will do our very best to assign you to the tasks you select. However, we may need to place you as needed. Please be prepared and be flexible. Any portion of the day you're available is greatly appreciated.

Volunteers may switch tasks with other volunteers as personal needs might change. Simply train your sub and move to the next spot as needed. DO NOT abandon your post without first explaining your assigned task to your replacement.

If your plans change and you are unable to fulfill your volunteer assignment, please contact us ASAP.

#rungci • June 18, 2016

This event is organized by Crow Athletics, host running club of the July 4th Relay, Down East Sunrise Trail Relay and the award-winning Mount Desert Island Marathon.