Few places on earth have the long running history of Great Cranberry Island, Maine. The newest incarnation of running heaven is the Great Cranberry 100-Miler!

This event is FREE!!!
That's right, we're pulling a Millinocket and making our event free!

Not only will it be free, but it will be totally old school! Some of you might remember the days of paper race applications? For the Great Cranberry 100 competitors will need to send us a S.A.S.E. (self addressed stamped envelope) to even get a race application! These must be completed and promptly returned to get signed up.

Paper Race app

Submitting an application does NOT guarantee acceptance into the race. Photocopies of this application will NOT be accepted. Only 100 race applications will be released.

To request a paper application, send a S.A.S.E. to the following address, postmarked by June 15th, 2018:

Crow Athletics / GCI 100
1369 State Highway 102, suite #1
Bar Harbor, ME 04609

>> must be postmarked by 6/15/18 <<

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Confirmed runners for the GCI 100 are listed below in order of application request. (last updated 7/30/2018)

  1. Nick Brown - Ellsworth, ME
  2. Kenneth Kirsch - Hamilton, NJ
  3. Andrew Kraus - South Portland, ME
  4. Rebeccah Geib - Bar Harbor, ME
  5. Dylan Brann - Bar Harbor, ME
  6. Dan King - Kennebunk, ME
  7. application requested
  8. application requested
  9. application requested
  10. application requested
  11. Aimee Shiling - East Canton, OH
  12. application requested
  13. no application available
  14. Ned Swain - Cranberry Isles, ME
  15. application requested
  16. application requested
  17. application requested
  18. application requested
  19. application requested
  20. Todd Reutlinger - Portland, ME
  21. David Goodrich - Houlton, ME
  22. Brad Lombardi - Jensen Beach, FL
  23. Owen McQuarrie - Presque Isle, ME
  24. application requested
  25. Steve Bender - Newark, NJ
  26. Jeffrey VanCuran - Kileen, TX
  27. application requested
  28. application requested
  29. Bryan O'Keefe - Billerica, MA
  30. John Brindamour - Narragansett, RI
  31. Michael Wardian - Arlington, VA
  32. Madelyn McCarthy - Newbury, MA

last updated 7/30/2018

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Event Details

  • Runners MUST start at 12-noon on Friday to be included in results.
  • There is a mandatory pre-race briefing at 11:00am before the run.
  • All runners must be self supported with fluids, food, and gear for the duration of their run. There will be tables on the course located at the start/finish line.
  • Runners must have a minimum of one support crew, although we strongly recommend bringing at least two crew members. 100-miles is a long way and two people will ensure split shifts for sleep during the night.
  • Timing sheets (provided) must be completed by support crew upon the completion of each 4-mile lap at the start/finish line. Failure to turn in a completed time sheet will result in a DQ.
  • There will also be a google doc HERE and times should be added by crews using personal smart-phones, tablets.
  • There is a 30-hour time limit. Time checks are as follows:
    • Mile - h:mm:ss: time of day
    • Mile 4 - 1:12:00 ➤ 1:12pm (fri)
    • Mile 8 - 2:24:00 ➤ 2:24pm (fri)
    • Mile 12 - 3:36:00 ➤ 3:36pm (fri)
    • Mile 16 - 4:48:00 ➤ 4:48pm (fri)
    • Mile 20 - 6:00:00 ➤ 6:00pm (fri)
    • Mile 24 - 7:12:00 ➤ 7:12pm (fri)
    • Mile 28 - 8:24:00 ➤ 8:24pm (fri)
    • Mile 32 - 9:36:00 ➤ 9:36pm (fri)
    • Mile 36 - 10:48:00 ➤ 10:48pm (fri)
    • Mile 40 - 12:00:00 ➤ 12:00am (midnight)
    • Mile 44 - 13:12:00 ➤ 1:12am (sat)
    • Mile 48 - 14:24:00 ➤ 2:24am (sat)
    • Mile 52 - 15:36:00 ➤ 3:36am (sat)
    • Mile 56 - 16:48:00 ➤ 4:48am (sat)
    • Mile 60 - 18:00:00 ➤ 6:00am (sat)
    • Mile 64 - 19:12:00 ➤ 7:12:00am (sat)
    • Mile 68 - 20:24:00 ➤ 8:24am (sat)
    • Mile 72 - 21:36:00 ➤ 9:36am (sat)
    • Mile 76 - 22:48:00 ➤ 10:48am (sat)
    • Mile 80 - 24:00:00 ➤ 12:00pm (sat)
    • Mile 84 - 25:12:00 ➤ 1:00pm (sat)
    • Mile 88 - 26:24:00 ➤ 2:24pm (sat)
    • Mile 92 - 27:36:00 ➤ 3:36pm (sat)
    • Mile 96 - 28:48:00 ➤ 4:48pm (sat)
    • Mile 100 - 30:00:00 ➤ 6:00pm (sat)
  • Overnight runners MUST have a working headlamp, a blinking tail light and a reflective vest worn 1/2 hr before sunset which occurs at 6:37 pm and until 1/2 hr after sunrise, at 4:39 am. If runners are seen by a race official or reported by other participants as not wearing appropriate night gear the competitor may be DQd
  • Support crews must wear reflective vests during the same overnight hrs.

Ahhhhhmazing belt buckles to finishers!

Keep checking back for more event details!



  • Free camping for runners and crews is located near the start finish area.
  • Camping is available for Friday and Saturday Nights.
  • There will be a bonfire near the camping area.
  • Bring everything you might need or wish you had.
  • This is a real island, you can't drive your car here unless it floats. Don't worry just get on a boat (see below) and we'll help get you from the dock to the race start once you get here.
  • Runners wishing to do training runs or run lessor distances are most welcome!
  •  Support crews are encouraged to bring well stocked pop up tents to set up on the course (near the start finish area) to support their runners.
  •  Please bring your imagination, your frisbees, musical instruments or whatever and come enjoy our island!

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Race Schedule

The Great Cranberry 100 runs from noon on Friday until 6:00 pm on Saturday, a 30 hour course time limit.

RACE START DATE: Friday August 17th, 2018
          >> START TIME: 12:00pm-noon

RACE FINISH DATE: Saturday  August 18th, 2018
          >> COURSE CLOSE TIME: 6:00pm

START LOCATION: Great Cranberry Island, Maine • 04625



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Course Map

The start/finish/course support area is located in front of the Church and Community Center on the main paved road. Each circuit is 4-miles.

Community Kitchen

  • Friday Dinner - 6pm

  • Saturday Breakfast - 6am

  • Victory Dinner - 7pm

  • Sunday Breakfast - 7AM

  • There will community meals served on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (see times in red). (prep time begins approx 1 hour before) Crews will work together to prepare food to be shared. (Note: This is located right at the start/finish line)
  • Registered runners and their support crews (ONLY) will have access to a community kitchen located at the start/finish line. We have the ability to cook and refrigerate items.
  • Participants must bring food. We highly recommend pre made casseroles, quiches, salads and dishes with a minimum of preparation time, plus beverages.
  • We recommend planning with other participants as to who is bringing what so we don't end up with limited ingredients (ie I will bring pasta, I will bring salad... bacon, eggs etc etc)
  • Attendees should use this google doc HERE to plan who is bringing what for supplies.
  • We will supply cooking pots, coffee makers, plates, paper products and eating utensils.
  • The kitchen MUST be left cleaner than we find it.

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getting here

From Northeast Harbor, Maine (NEH)

  • Beal & Bunker Ferry Information: HERE
  • Parking in NEH: HERE
  • Beal & Bunker Office Phone: (207) 244-3575

From Southwest Harbor (SWH) & Manset, Maine

  • Cranberry Cove Fares and Schedule: HERE
  • Parking in SWH & Manset: HERE
  • Cranberry Cove Office Phone: (207) 244-5882

Water Taxi - Between Any Two harbors

  • Cadillac Water Taxi: HERE
  • Sail Acadia - Elizabeth T: HERE
  • Delight Water Taxi: HERE

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Great Cranberry Island has a long and storied running history! Click below to see pictures, video and more from past events. All races have followed the same 2-mile stretch of road, and the new 100-miler will, too!

Great Cranberry Road Race & 5k

  • 4.8 Miler held in 1979
  • 5k held in 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983 & 2004
  • Top 25 race in the US - Runners World

Great Cranberry Island Ultra 50K

  • Held from 2007-2013
  • Click HERE to learn more

The Great Run

  • Held in 2015-2016
  • Click HERE to learn more

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August 18, 2018

  1. Michael Wardian - 15:29:59 (arlington, va)
  2. Bradford Lombardi - 24:21:05 (jensen beach, fl)
  3. Nick Brown - 27:39:42 (ellsworth, me)
  4. Beccah Geib - 28:02:57 (bar harbor, me)
  5. Dylan Brann - 28:02:57 (bar harbor, me)
  6. Bryan O'Keefe - 29:19:08 (billerica, ma)

#greatCranberry100 • August17-19, 2018

this event is organized by Crow Athletics, host running club of the July 4th Relay, Down East Sunrise Trail Relay and the award-winning Millinocket Marathon & Mount Desert Island Marathon.

Few places you will ever run or visit are like our small tranquil Maine island. Great Cranberry Island is easily accessible by boat (ferry), but it will make you feel as if you are very far away from the often hurried & frenzied pace of the rest of the world. Great Cranberry Island is located just off-shore from Mount Desert Island, home to Acadia National Park. 

The Great Cranberry 100 is brought to you by the team behind the legendary Great Cranberry Island 50K Ultra Marathon, named "Best Race Ever!" by Runner's World.

Our island proudly hosted the Road Runners Club of America National Ultra Championship at the final running of our 50K in 2013. That event was subsequently voted the RRCA Road Race of the Year.