Follow Gary's Journey

You can see the route NOW or track and follow Gary's progress

LIVE at starting Jan 24 at sunrise (7:00am est)

(MUST follow directions below)
1.) To view on a desktop simply click URL above then choose "Events" then select"Maine to Superbowl XLVII Run for Wounded Warriors" or click HERE
2.) To view on a smart phone first install the FREE MyAthlete app for droid or iphone then choose "Find My Athlete", then select "Maine to Superbowl XLVII Run for Wounded Warriors" then select "Gary Allen" from there you can see a map, stats, route profile and much more!
note: You will not be able to see Gary on the route until he starts running on Jan 24 at 7am.

My Route

The goal is to run from the summit of Mount Desert Island Maine's Cadillac Mountain (1st place in the USA to see the morning sun) to Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford NJ where Superbowl XLVIII will take place on Feburary 2. The start date is January 24 at sunrise, with 10 days to cover 500+ miles.
You can view the route and track Gary's progress LIVE HERE.

Gary is planning to cover about 50 miles a day. He still needs a place to sleep on a few of the run days. If you might be able to offer a place to sleep please let us know! You can use the contact page to share your phone number directly with Gary. He will also be monitoring his twitter and facebook pages.

Run with Me

Individuals or teams are encouraged to come run with Gary. See his planned route here to help plan your meeting point!

Folks are encouraged to check his progress via facebook or twitter keeping in mind Gary may be running ahead or behind the anticipated schedule.