Gary Allen's Maine 2 DC Run!

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I'm running 700+ miles starting on Jan 7th from the summit of Cadillac Mountain on Mount Desert Island, Maine to our US Capital in Washington DC. My plan is to cover 50 miles a day and to make it to Washington in time to attend the presidential inauguration on Jan 21st. All are invited to follow my progress, come run with me and help support my efforts! I'll be raising funds for the Wounded Warrior Project and for the American Cancer Society. Please make a generous donation to these very worthwhile and important organizations.  You can learn more about me here.

Thanks!  gary

Update. With the sad news coming out of Newtown Ct, a town I will very likely run thru or very near on my run to DC, I have added Sandy Hook Elementary as one of the causes I am raising funds for. Please give whatever you can. Thank You.

Start: Cadillac Mountain Summit, Maine - Jan 7, 2013
End: Steps of the US Capital Washington DC - Jan 21, 2013

 Check out my planned route! Make a contribution! Support my efforts!

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(All proceeds of Maine 2 DC Run to benefit charity!)



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1/21/2013 UPDATE: 

My big brother Lawrence (Larry) wrote this and I highly endorse his message. Please read.
Some of you know each other, some of you don't. Some of you may never meet. Please allow me to introduce all of you to each other. You all have one thing in common. You care, a lot.

In the last 2 weeks I have come into contact with all of you in some fashion in our collective effort to help this insanely far flung and quickly thrown together attempt to allow my brother to run to Washington from Maine in the middle of January. I have gone back through hundreds of text messages, FB posts and emails to compile the list of people addressed in this message. There are undoubtedly hundreds more that quietly volunteered and I wish I had everyone's name. 705 miles, 1,500,000 steps, 14 days, 13 hours 10 minutes and 25 seconds,32,000 feet of climbing across 9 states. You have run with him, driven hundreds and hundreds of miles at 5 mph, stopped to offer help every few miles, you have photographed him for the press, handled water, food, gear, wet gear, traffic cones, a nightly ride home and a morning ride to work, you have done laundry, made him dinner, made him eat more and drink more, made him cookies, you gave him phone chargers, reflective gear and who knows what else, you have donated your money, plead with others to do it, you gave your time and time away from loved ones, you have given energy, good will and recruited others to do the same, you've housed him and when you couldn't, you found someone who could, when that didn't work you paid for a room, you have given medical treatment, massages, taped blisters, offered informal psychiatric care, led cheers, found alternate routes when the orange line was just wrong, you laughed with him and cried too, you've written press releases, answered press inquiries, brought him clothing, you even bought him socks and clothing when his were wet and he was cold, you helped with police support, communicated his needs to total strangers and otherwise did a million random acts of kindness for someone you might never have made it possible for him to do what should have been and may still be completely impossible. He did the work. You made it work. It is just that simple. There are no words.

start location Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park, Maine

start location Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park, Maine

24 Boston Marathons between 1979 - 2016 (18 shown)

24 Boston Marathons between 1979 - 2016 (18 shown)

Gary also ran 500 miles from the same mountain summit in Maine to Superbowl XLVIII in the winter of 2014 for charity.You can learn much more about that run HERE.